Fitness Program

Adult Ballet

Perfect For

If you are looking for an adult ballet class, this is it. If your are looking to pick up ballet again, want to try ballet classes for the first time, or you've ever wondered how to get back in shape, this class is perfect for you!

How It Works

This class is for all levels and is meant to be stress-free way to workout! No pressure - we're not going to audition for Bolshoi, but you WILL get a good workout, have fun, and start in our yearly recital! 

A great way to stay in shape while having fun learning ballet. 


Perfect For

People who want to get some serious (core) work and work on muscle tone. All skill levels.

How It Works

Each class will challenge your muscles focusing on core strength. We push hard to balance all muscle groups, provide strength and flexibility.

Push yourself and improve your overall strength. 




Zumba & ZUmba Sentao

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Monica, is a Very Happy, Honest caring professional Dance teacher,, She brings a lot of joy to each and everyone of her classes!!!
— Florence D.