Zumba Classes

if you want to exercise and burn a ton of energy while having a blast, Zumba® Fitness is for you!

At Do Dance Ballet & Fitness we have an energetic vide without the attitude.  As a family owned establishment, and a boutique dance studio, we really focus on having fun and making sure that you get a good workout while at it.  Our classes are fast paced but everyone of every age can attend.  We encourage everyone to go at their own pace… the important thing is that you shake it on the dance floor and have fun!!

Our Certified instructors are a blast and we have a flexible schedule that will keep you going!

This is really the best of both worlds and combines our passion for dance while helping people of all ages stay healthy and fit while having fun.  Come join the party!

Drop in for a class.  If you’re new to the Do Dance Family – FIRST CLASS IS FREE!

Check out our schedule